“I Saw Cody Simpson in Concert!”

Hey J-14ers!
Yesterday, I got to step out of the office and into the big city (New York, that is!) to see Cody Simpson perform at Pop-Tarts World! Everyone went crazy when Cody took the stage to sing “All Day,” “Love So Strong,” “Summertime,” and his hit, “iYiYi.”
Cody sounded awesome and the crowd was singing along to every word! My favorite part was when Cody pulled a fan up on stage to sit next to him while he performed “Love So Strong” — she had been waiting outside for Cody since 5 a.m. The lucky fan couldn’t stop smiling during the whole song.
During a break between songs, Cody took the time out to announce the Pop-Tart Pop It Forward Finalist. The Grand Prize winner went home with one million Pop-Tarts! When Cody was asked what he would do with one million Pop-Tarts he responded, “I reckon I would keep five or six of them for myself and give the rest to charity.” Aw, how sweet is that?

After he performed, the Australian cutie was able to take pictures with all of his fans that attended the event. He even took bites of a Hot Fudge Sundae Pop-Tart during the meet and greet! You can preorder Cody’s EP 4 U, which features “Round of Applause,” “All Day,” “Don’t Cry Your Heart Out,” and two versions of “iYiYi,” on iTunes! And don’t forget to check out this vid of Cody performing “All Day” at yesterday’s show:

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