"iYiYi"...It's Cody Simpson's 1st Photo Shoot!


Cody Simpson is on the  verge of international  stardom after his amazing vocal performances on  YouTube got him signed  to Atlantic Records...in fact, his song "iYiYi"  with Flo Rida is  already becoming one of the songs of the summer!

Popstar! pounces,   bringing you this great video of Cody at his first-ever mag shoot!   Above, see him talk about his life and career (plus lots of footage from   the shoot). Below, you'll see part 2, get a chance to hear him sing a   romantic song he wrote for a girl back in his native
Australia AND   you'll see him talk about how he's being compared to Justin Bieber!

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Wanna  see  and hear more from him?

Cody sings:

Cody on the Biebs:

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